Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Remedial College Classes

Many high school students don't seem to take advantage of the free classes being offer at high school and master all the basic skills that they need to take advance classes in colleges. So what happen when they go to college? They have no choice but to take remedial courses, but those courses are costly and also time consuming. Although it is true in most cases, some other cases are just simply due to the school or the teachers. Some teachers are just not fit for teaching that particular subject at that particular level or the students don't feel enough motivation to do their best. They give out easy work (maybe even no work at all) and not giving out the work that are suppose to prepare students for college. As the results, students can pass by those classes with some easy A's without doing much work and not being fully prepare for the "real" thing in college. Now I'm not saying that the teachers are entirely to blame, there are, indeed, some students who just don't take advantage of the good offers and just simply slack off. But there are some students who are taking lots of AP classes so they have lots of challenging homework to complete compare to just regular classes. So to say, it is nearly impossible for students to fully taking time on their homework/classwork to study the materials and master them with that much amount of homework piling on them and not much time to do them, especially those that have jobs or living independently.
To resolve these problems, I think there need to be more programs that can help students prepare for colleges during/outside of school time such as Upward Bound and incorporate the classes' lessons to other things that are relating to that topic so students would be able to know more. And also, if there are fewer classes a day, then students can absorb more and learn more for each subject. In addition, I think lessons should go a bit slower so students can practice more and fully grasp the standards instead of trying to cramp a lot of things and not being able to understand them completely. But of course, that won't be able to happen but it's a nice idea to look forward to.

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