Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Remedial college classes cost billions

Studies today shows that one third of students today are unprepared at meeting the standard level of material learned. The price that these students would have to pay later on is that when they go off to a college or universities, they would have to take remedial classes that would give them the opportunity to learn the material that they haven't gotten to in order to be able to be caught up with the rest of the students on campus. Taking these classes may be helpful but it's very frustrating and time consuming when other classes could have been taken.
One problem is that many students are simply taking advantage of free classes that offered to them. They would only give the minimum amount of effort to pass the class. Not only that these students in trouble, those that make good grades and pass the class with excellent grades are also affected. Another problem is that the teachers in high school are simply not giving the same demand that college professors give. And the last problem is that there is a gap in the learning curriculum all over the United States. Factors like you social background and living environmental can play a role in how much the amount of material is taught.
In conclusion, we must take some sort of action now because all these remedial classes are costing $2,000 per student in community colleges and $2,50o in four year universities. We need a system that the whole United States could follow in order for all students to be on track on learning the same curriculum with other students across the United States. Also with more encouragement to the student would help them feel more motivated to do better in school and challenge themselves. Currently, school officials and higher education officials are working together to fix this gap in the amount of material learned. If we don't fix this problem now, it will grow into a more severe issue in the future for more college freshmen.

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