Monday, February 21, 2011

Remedial college classes cost billions

This sort of news is frustrating to be heard for college students and California. It is sad to see many high school students graduating then finding they are unprepared to meet the standards in college/univeristy. Many college freshmen today that just entered college finds that they are unprepared and are placed in remedial classes and the numbers of remedial classes in California are increasing. I believe that remedial classes are helpful in helping college students to become more prepared, but remedial classes are just too time consuming and frustrating. I think the reason why college freshmen don't have the skills they need for college is because they didn't put enough effort in their work when they were in high school. Many high school students who say high school is too hard has no clue that there is another level of education that is even harder. I think the reason why high school students believe that the work is hard is that they don't get the material. Some reasons why they don't get the material are they don't pay attention in class, don't complete their assignments, don't do well on tests, socialize too much on their phones and internet, and cut classes. It is not to say that high school students should over work their abilities, but at least high school students should put more time and effort in their work so they can understand the material and not have to worry that they are unprepared for college classes.

I believe this news is a warning for high school students to put as much effort they can in their work so they can be prepared for college courses and not have to worry about being placed in remedial classes. With more students putting more effort in their work, there would be less stress in the future, less remedial classes, and more money could be saved to be used for improving school districts.

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