Monday, February 21, 2011

California "Cyber-Bully" Bill Takes Effect

Bullying, a word that is just gross.
The Internet is used for work, convenience, research, and fun for all ages, but some people are found impersonating other people. This act will hurt the victim and also the impersonator. Thanks to this new law, impersonators on the internet will receive the punishment of heading to prison and expected to pay a fine of $1000.
This act of cyber bullying is just plain pathetic, don't people have much better things to do?

A solution to this is just to seek out the impersonator and punish them. Another possible solution is to shut down the pathetic websites that are posting these comments and place strict laws to creating a website. Why must there be impersonators? I know that there are many type of conflicts in an individual's life, but does it have to lead to the case where people use the internet to abuse another person? Why can't these people just find a solution to their problems by using some common sense? Overall, any form of bullying is just plain pathetic and would just cause even more problems to occur. Bullying is not the way to solve problems.

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