Monday, February 7, 2011

Remedial Classes

Pre-school is created to prepare children how to interact with other children in elementary school. Elementary school is to teach students how to behave properly. Middle school installs study habits. High school is to apply all of the acquired skills to prepare for the higher education of college. Yet today, billions of dollars are spent annually on remedial classes for freshmen attending college. High school students who thought they did well in school due to their easy A's and cool teachers realize the hard way that college is nothing like high school. Everyone in college is there to learn and research, yet in high school all everyone seems to care about is who goes out with who, current trends and styles, and who is social networking instead of doing homework. Has the public eduation system failed us students again due to the lack of efficient teachers who are capable of challenging the students and prepare them for the rigorous courses in college? Or is it simply society to blame, for all the "short-cuts" it has created through meaningless technology and short-sighting the people on how their current actions will affect them in the long-term?

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