Monday, February 7, 2011

Cyber Bullying?

Of course everyone has heard of bullying. But as time changes, so do methods. Cyber bullying is the new, hip way to target people. With all the social networking sites online currently, spreading rumors or harmful teases can reach millions of people instantly. This form of bullying is extreme in how quickly it will affect the victim. And also, anything posted on the internet will never be deleted, so this type of bullying will leave a scar that lasts just as long. I find the idea of bullying another person to be absolutely pathetic. Especially if said bully must publicize the deed in such a way that everyone has access to it. I believe bullies are a bunch of ignorant children who are unable to grow-up and keep with the times so they try to hold on to as many people as possible on their sinking ship. Cyber bullying is an absurdity in its existance and I feel that people should not be affected by it too much because it's nothing but a bunch of pixels.

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