Thursday, February 3, 2011

Redemial College Classes Cost Millions

This is a very eye opening article. I think that I am a pretty good student that ahas a very high GPA and now reading this article it has got me thinking that maybe when I go to college instead of getting A's I will be getting F's. However I am happy that I read this article because it is important for high school students to know that they need to take harder classes so that hey are prepared for college. I am taking a lot of AP and HP classes and I will continue to take them so I am prepared for college. It is very important that students know that an A in high school does not mean and A in college. I think school should try to fit the standards of college a lot more closely and expect higher of us because if they don;t we will be stuck taking remedial classes which are a waste of time and money because you should have learned the material in high school. I think student should have higher expectation of them selves and teacher should have higher standards so that when we go to college the standards and curriculum aren't a surprise to us.

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