Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cyber Bullying

I am very happy that this law has passed because I think it is wrong for someone to take the identity of someone they don't like and use it to say bad things online. The person might not even know what is happening until they apply for a job or for college and they are not accepted because of getting their identity stole. I also feel happy that people who are cyber-bullying are going to get punished, because cyber-bullying often leads to suicide. Because you don't know who it is people feel more confident to say really nasty things that they otherwise wouldn't say face to face. This is worse than any other bullying because you don't know who it is and it damages your reputation for the whole world to see. I am happy people are putting a stop to this, because people already deal with enough problems in their lives they don't need more drama. It is important to stop this form of bullying because if we don;t it will escalate into something that will be hard to stop. I hope that this makes people stop and think before they bully someone on the web. People need to realize that this is a serious crime.

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