Tuesday, November 9, 2010

CH 1 How to do Modeling with Functions and Regression Equations: Option 1 - Curve Fitting with Technology p156

 Thanh Nguyen P1


a) I went to http://weather.yahoo.com/

b) I chose 10 random cities and recorded their lowest and highest temperatures for 11/10/10.

c) I created the table with the data like p.156.

d) I entered all my data into my graphing calculator by pressing STAT, Enter, and then typed in my data. Low temperatures is L1 and High Temperatures is L2. Then I pressed STAT, RIGHT, 4, (2nd) L1, Comma " , " , (2nd) L2, and ENTER. Now I have my regression equation and correlation coefficient.

e) Then I chose 3 random cities out of the 10: Oakland, New York, and Washington. I took each of their low temperatures and placed them into the X of my equation.

f) The answers I received were close or correct to the data I collected from http://weather.yahoo.com/.

g) So the regression equation models the data closely well. And from step d, my correlation coefficient is r=.9213441179 and r^2=.8488749835.

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