Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ch P: How to do Applying Linear Functions in Two Variables

Chapter P Opener Problem Part C
Option 4

First, I have to search online to find the light speed from Earth to Jupiter.
After I found the light speed from earth to Jupiter, I formed a question that I need to solve: Approximate the distance between Earth and Jupiter.

The Procedures:
1) I used the linear equation d = r times t (distance equals rate times time). First, I found the values of r and t, not d, because I'm trying to find d.

r = 186,000 miles/second
t = 34.98 minutes
d = ?

2) Then, I converted 34.98 minutes to seconds to keep the units the same. I multiply 60 and 34.98 minutes and got 2098.8 seconds.

3) Lastly, I plug the three numbers in to my equation (d = r times t) and got distance equals 390,376,800 miles, which approximately equals 390 million miles.

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