Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ch P: How to do Graphing Functions

Graphing Functions / Transformations
Back to School Night Extra Credit

Well, since my mom didn't completed her education when she was young, she had no clue what she was asked to do on this assignment. So, I have to show her how to do a vertical and a horizontal translation combined.

First, I asked her to graph the Absolute Value parent function in black. I had to show her how to draw the function, because she seems clueless on what to do.
Then, I asked her to translate the graph 3 units to the right and use red to trace. This is the horizontal translation.
Lastly, I asked her to translate the graph 6 units up and use purple/violet to trace. This is the vertical translation.

When we were finished, my mom feels kind of happy that she drew a graph, but she still ís clueless about the purpose of the graphing functions. Overall, I'm proud to see her at least try to sketch the graph.

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