Monday, October 4, 2010

Ch. P - Applying Linear Equation in Two variables

My project revolves around the speed of light. First, i had to search up information I needed to help solve my problems numerically such as distance and time that light traveled. Next, I had to convert kilometers into miles (1 km = 0.614 m) to make all the terms match up because the textbook gave me miles per second while the information i searched up gave me kilometers per second. Then, I used the linear equation d = r x t (distance = rate x time) to make calculations with r = 186,000 miles per second. Finally, i substituted the distances into the equations to find the time it takes light to reach an astronomical body from the origin or the place where i started from and substituted the time it takes to reach an astronomical body to find the distance between the two bodies. All calculations was solved with a calculator because the numbers were big to work with.

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