Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ch7 Project How to do Make a Budget

Hi my name is Rany and this is my Ch7 Project. I am asked to pick a career and a house that i will be living in. I chose to be a Video Game Programmer and my Salary will be $58000 a year for my pay and each year, i gain a 10% of my pay each year and so 10% of $58000 is $5800 so, i get an amout of $5800 each year. The college that i am planning to go to is San Jose state as my college and how i am going to pay for that is through my Financial aid with the grants i get for being poor. The financial aid will be paying 90% of my college pay and the rest of the 10%, my pay will come from my job. So, that means i will not have any student loans for me to pay off because its best to not have any students loans then to have to pay for some. The Job i will be having is Called Video Game Programmer which i will be working at EA games. I will have a Salary of $58000 a year. I will have Benefits like Medical, Health, Vision and even though its not concluded on the picture, i also have Vacation benefits from my job. I will also have a Retire Plan called the 401k plan. The place i will be living in is the Summerville Apartments in San Jose Which has 2-3 bedrooms(depending on which one you want) 2 bathrooms and the cost of the apartment of rent is $1275, But i will have a roommate so i will have to pay half of my rent and my roommate pay for the other half which is $635 for each of us. I will go to work biking on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I will use the bus on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so overall i will have to pay about $50 bucks for my bike and bus. The car that i will be having is an Lexus IS 350 that has a 306 hp, with a six-speed paddle shift sequential automatic electionically controlled transmission. It goes 18mpg in city driving and 22 mpg in high driving. The payment for my Car i will use are about $120 for my gas and so overall of that i will use $170 for Transportation each month. That is the end of my Ch7 Project How to make a budget of my life in the future.

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