Thursday, November 18, 2010

Chapter 1-Modeling with Functions and Regression Equations

For Chapter 1, it involves applying real world problems to math. The type that we learned were regressions.

For my project, I chose option 3. First, I had to decide on a company and look up its price. I picked the company Apple. Next, I went to Apple=>clicked historical prices=> weekly=>typed in the month/year I was researching. I did the months/years of March 1996-March 2006 because we needed to look at a ten year trend. Then, I plugged it into my calculator and found my regression line and used it to predict the prices for 2008-2010(See picture above for more details!) Finally, I saw that my correlation coefficient of .69 did not fit my data really well because .69 is not that close to the number 1(best fit for data).

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