Friday, October 1, 2010

Chapter P: Graphing Functions

Back to school night Extra Credit: My mom never got a proper education so she was rather delighted to knoe that she was learning some math. She got confused alot since it was new to her and it was pretty complicated since I had to translate into another language. She eventually got the hang of it and got pretty much the main point of it. Even though she didn't finish, she at least learned something new.

First, I had to draw the original function(in black) which is y= l x l. Next, I drew the vertical translation(in red) where I moved up the y-axis 7 units up and the equation was then y= l x l +7. Afterwards, I drew the horizontal translation(in blue) where I moved 4 units to the left on the x-axis, and the equation would then be y= l (x+4)^2 l. Then, I drew the vertical and horizontal translation(in green) where I moved 7 units up the y-axis and 4 units to the left, x-axis and the equation would be y= l (x+4)^2 l +7. Then, I drew the vertical reflection of the original function across the x-axis and the equation would be y=-l x l. Lastly, I drew the reflection (across the x-axis) of the vertical and horizontal translation. I would first reflect across the x-axis, moving 4 units to the left on the x-axis, and going down 7 units on the y-axis, the equation would equal y= l -x+4)^2 l -7. In total, I did 5 transformations excluding the original function.

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